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Ensure Quality and Quantity with REALTIME CHECK at your Doorstep.

Direct Refuelling involves no risk of Oil Spillages and Pilferages, thus further slashing down your expenses.

Vapour Recovery System installed in the Bowser minimizes fuel loss due to evaporation, further curtailing your expenses.

Thus you are left with the Real Final Effuels Price of ₹70/litre*.


About Effuels​

Effuels, a unit of Abhyudaya Suryam Oil Filling LLP (Limited liability partnership) firm, is a startup incorporated in 2020. Effuels aims to bring fuel to your doorstep at your ease and convenience. We believe in providing the best quality and uncontaminated fuel to your destination with the fastest delivery. Anywhere, anytime we are just a call away from you.

Providing ease and comfort to our customers we also make sure that we do not harm our Environment. We have always been a “Go Green” organisation. Environment is our first priority and we take all the possible measures not to pollute or harm our environment with our fuels or any wastage. We dispose all the wastage under strict supervision, taking all measures to keep our environment clean and happy.


Effuels aims at time effective solution for its customers’ problems, thereby ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. A survey says that most people find it difficult to reach fuel stations for refilling their vehicles, while many other people do not find time out of their busy schedule to visit a fuel station and have to hire someone to get fuel for them. So, we are here to solve our customers’ problems. To save their time searching for a fuel station and to save their money that they unwilling have to invest in extra manpower for bringing fuel, we are here to deliver our customers fuel at their doorstep. 

Why Us

A startup refueling firm established to solve our customers’ problems in daily life. We are available anywhere, anytime with quality assured and pure fuels to refuel not only your vehicles but all other non-transport equipment such as engines, motors, generators, and many more. We are here to save your time and money. The conventional procurement and delivery process reduces fuel wastage and saves the environment from pollution from diesel.

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