Word Power Made Easy (English)

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With an extensive repertoire of mental workouts to develop the subtle nuance of English grammar and build upon an enriched network of vocabulary, this book brings together a succinct narrative to engage readers with the sole purpose of enhancing the use of words. Summary Of The Book Word Power Made Easy: The Complete Handbook For Building A Superior Vocabulary is a superior reference book and guide that exerts all its efforts in making the content and its education more accessible and easy to use. This reissued edition contains revised content that is more attuned to the current idiomatic use of the English language and archaic analogies have been replaced through the book. The book is divided into three sections. The first section starts with more basic nuances of speaking the language. Here the author begins by first testing the readers present grasp over vocabulary. It moves on to the domain of describing the use of the English language in conversation with different personalities including doctors, scientists, liars and in turn presents information on conveying ideas related to the aforementioned personas. It then drives on to the second section whereby the focus is not just on conveying information but also emotions that vary across insulting, flattering and conversing about actions. The third section deals with complete success in mastering the language. Among chapters that centre around occurrences, personal characteristics and general conversation, this section provides tips on building the reader’s vocabulary even further and gauging progress. Every chapter ends with a review and the end of each section leads to a progressive check text that comprehensively involves all the content of that section. The invaluable guide ends with ‘brief intermission’ where the author notes the grammatical delicacies of the language and does so in ten little chapters. Here the flexibility of the language, idiomatic use of slang, speaking naturally and interesting derivatives are discussed in a concise manner. The book also has a number of tests to improve your language. Word Power Made Easy: The Complete Handbook For Building A Superior Vocabulary is indeed a champion in the cause of learning English in the fastest and most effective way. Word Power Made Easy was first published in 1949. About Norman Lewis Norman Lewis was a prolific American author, grammarian, lexicographer and etymologist. He was an eminent authority on the English language and developed a number of books to develop skills in that field. His other books include Instant Spelling Power, 30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary, How to Read Better and Faster, Rapid Vocabulary Builder, Roget’s New Pocket Thesaurus in Dictionary Form and 30 Days to Better English. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and completed his Masters from Columbia University. He wrote his first book, Journeys Through Wordland for sixth graders while at University. He started his teaching career at New York University, and also taught at City College of New York, and Rio Hondo College. He had a 15 year magazine writing career in which he wrote a column for Leisure. He taught grammar, etymology and English. He died in 2006 in California at the age of 93.

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