Riona 4 in 1 – Desk Mobile Stand + Wall Mobile Holder + Cable Organizer + Scratch Guard Pads (A5SRC) Accessory Combo

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MOBIHOLD A5S (SMART PHONE MOBILE STAND) is the perfect Mobile Phone Holder to keep on your desk or bedside table. It fits most styles of Smart Phones and Phablets with screen size upto 6?. It takes 2 Position viewing angles of 45 and 30 degrees suited for doing various tasks. Now you don?t need to pick the phone to see every call, message or email thereby increasing your Work Productivity. It is fabricated from High Gloss Acrylic along with Foam Pads for Scratch Protection. It has Antiskid Bottom Pads to prevent it from slipping while using. It?s Product Dimensions are 5.5x14x6cm. | MOBIHOLD ECO (UNIVERSAL MOBILE HOLDER) makes charging anytime and anywhere easier. Now you just need a plug point and you can charge your portable devices without worries. This clever shelf hangs between the outlet and your battery charger to hold your mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player or PDA. It save your device from falling. It is lightweight & compact travel charging base for avid travelers having inbuilt cable manager for better cable organization. It is designed to fit almost all shapes and sizes of chargers. Its product dimensions are 11x7x12 cm with Base Size of 11×6 cm. | CABLEWRAP (CABLE ORGANIZER) organizes your Mobile Phone Charger Cables, Headphone Cables or Mouse Cables. It secures your cables from getting tangled in your bag or pocket. It easily shorten or lengthen the cord as per your requirements. It features 4 locking channels ? 2 for main cord and 2 small for headphone earbuds. Wrap the cable around the central core and lock it into the respective channels. Easy to store flat and soft profile enables you to wind/unwind the cables quite at ease. It is perfect for iPods, iPhones, Mobile Phones, MP3 Players and other portable devices. It is made of non-toxic and non-magnetic silicone material having product dimension 2.5×7.5×0.6 cm. | MOBILE FEET (SCRATCH GUARD PADS 4 PCS) keeps mobile?s back panel scratch less by keeping the mobile lifted from surface. It makes your mobile antiskid hence it prevents your phone from getting dropped from table/other surfaces. It also prevents the mobile from skidding on car dashboard while driving thereby increasing the life of mobile as it absorbs impacts & shocks. It is transparent in color hence takes the color of your device. It is made in USA from Premium Polyurethane with product dimensions as 0.8×0.8×0.16 cm.

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