Tapfond (TM) All Sides Protection “360 Degree” Sleek Quicksand Matte Hard Back Case Cover For XIAOMI MI REDMI 3S – Sandstone Black

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No Need of Bulky Cases Now ! This Case Protects Your Xiaomi Redmi 3s Without Adding Weight
Comes with Sandstone Coating that Vanishes Sweat and Water Drops within Seconds
Coated with 3 Layer of Paint unlike Rubberised this will not Fade

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Product Description

Why Do You Leave Your Xiaomi Redmi 3s Unprotected?

With Tapfond’s New Superb Design, You Can Have Each Protection & Convenience!

Not like such a lot equivalent back covers in the marketplace, Tapfond’s back case duvet is punctiliously engineered to supply TOP-LINE usability.

What does this mean?

It implies that the instant you add the smooth black case in your Xiaomi, you’ll be able to feel the thickness that surrounds your telephone and rest confident that i

It’s secure from drops and scratches from ALL SIDES. Is not this Amazing

However crucial? There’s no slippage!

Your Xiaomi Redmi 3s is absolutely secure and lies to your hands with none possibility of slipping and falling down.

Upper lip build design : To assist offer protection to the screen when face down on a flat surface, This is a Case that Is Super Protecting since it has raised Edges to offer protection to screen from scratches.

What is more, the back duvet is super gentle and convenient. It does not add needless “bulk” in your telephone.

A few other people may even say that it makes their Xiaomi Redmi 3s even more sublime!

What Are You Waiting For?

Tapfond’s unparalleled quality may not leave you disappointed. This Superb case could also be sweat resistant and fingerprint-free, thus keeping up your telephone at absolute best condition 24/7!

It even comes together with a 10 Day Go back Or Replacement Guaranty, which means that it’s worthwhile to get it now RISK FREE!

Would you be crazy enough to miss this?

No Want of Bulky Cases Now ! This Case Protects Your Xiaomi Redmi 3s With out Adding Weight
Comes with Sandstone Coating that Vanishes Sweat and Water Drops inside Seconds
Covered with 3 Layer of Paint Not like Rubberised this won’t Fade
Sandstone Case Supplies Superb Grip over different Cases
That is No longer TPU which loosens after a while.That is Onerous Plastic case made of Eco Friendly PolyCarbonate

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Redmi 3S


Redmi 3S black

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