Sony PSP E1004 – Free Game: Street Cricket II (Sony PSP) (Black)

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Dazzling widescreen LCD brings gaming to life with over 135 game titles available including Gangs of London, Syphon Filter, Fired Up, Lemminngs, Sudoku and more
Enjoy your favorite music whenever, wherever you like, It’s easy to save and play your favorite MP3s
Carry your favorite pictures with you wherever you go

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Product Description

The PSP PlayStation Portable offers a gorgeous screen that may be brighter than ever, giving you a multitude of entertainment options at the go. Play games, pay attention to music, connect to the Web, watch movies, and do more, all in a sleek compact package that you’ll easily bring with you wherever you go.

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Now with Included Microphone and Brighter Screen

The up to date PlayStation Portable revision, has the whole lot the older PSPs had but now features a built-in microphone, which helps you to benefit from voice features in some games in addition to the PSP’s built-in Skype functionality with no need to make use of a headset. This PSP is available in a sleek black color scheme and in addition includes an improved anti-reflective screen that gives higher contrast and clearer visibility in well-lit places and will also be used outdoors.

A Full Entertainment System in Your Hands

The PSP used to be designed to care for all kinds of applications and entertainment – music, video, communication, wireless networking, and, in fact, gaming. Users will Experience best-notch 3D games with top quality, full-motion video and high-fidelity audio. The 4.3-inch wide screen display is bright and beautiful, and works well under various lights conditions. If you happen to prefer, you’ll also connect your PSP for your TV. The PSP utilizes the Universal Media Disc (UMD) for a storage medium, every of which holds 1.8 GB of knowledge.

Hundreds of Games to Make a selection From

The PSP gaming library is hundreds of titles strong and covers all kinds of genres. Whether you are trying to find the hard hits of football or the tactic of a puzzle game, there may be sure to be many games for you. The PSP is in a position to graphics quality that may be comparable to the PlayStation 2, but in a pocket-sized package that you’ll take wherever you go.

Watch Movies and Videos at the Go

When you just want to sit down back and Experience a movie on a long plane travel, the PSP has you covered. The PSP offers two options to do that: you’ll either purchase full-length movies and TV shows on UMD, or you’ll download videos onto your computer and transfer them on a Memory Stick Duo for playing to your PSP.

You too can watch recorded tv content downloaded to a Memory Stick Duo with the TiVo-To-Go service. (Please note that this requires $24.95 fee, you will have to have a TiVo Series2 connected to your house network.)

Listen to Your Music Collection Anywhere

With the power to play MP3, WAV, WMA, ATRAC3+, and MP4 files, you’ll easily use your PSP as an audio player. Simply place your music on a Memory Stick Duo, and you’ll navigate your collection the usage of the PSP’s XMB (Xross Media Bar) to choose your song to play.

Built-in WiFi allows for Web Browsing and Online Gaming

With built-in WiFi, you’ll get admission to the Web from any accessible hotspot. Once connected, you’ll surf the Web and download exclusive demos and content on your PSP from the PlayStation Store.

The WiFi also means that you can battle other gamers, both over the Web and for your local vicinity.

What’s within the Box:

AC power cord, 5V AC adapter (one hundred ~ 240 VAC input with 5vdc 1500ma output), battery pack, documentation and Free Game: Street Cricket II

Dazzling widescreen LCD brings gaming to life with over 135 game titles to be had including Gangs of London, Syphon Filter, Fired Up, Lemminngs, Sudoku and more
Experience your favorite music on every occasion, wherever you like, It is easy to save lots of and play your favorite MP3s
Carry your favorite pictures with you wherever you go
Watch full-length, feature movies and TV shows – over 430 UMD movies and TV shows to be had including Napoleon Dynamite, The Circle of relatives Guy, Benchwarmers and the Dave Chappelle show or watch videos saved for your Memory Stick Duo
1 Free Game – Street Cricket II

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