DEALINGAMES Xbox 360 Wired Controller For Windows [Xbox 360] and Free KEY CHAIN OF PS3 REMOTE LOOK Sold By Dealingames

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Xbox 360 Wired Controller For Windows [Xbox 360] Sold By Dealingames
Play in comfort – A compact, ergonomic shape lets you play comfortably for hours on your PC.
PC gaming at its best – Precise thumb sticks, two pressure-point triggers and an 8-way directional pad help you stay in control

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Stressed Xbox 360 Controller for Windows Whether or not you’re a gamer or no longer, a qualified or a novice, with the Stressed Xbox 360 Controller for Windows you’re going to feel as though that is the only thing that has been missing out of your hands. It enhances your gaming revel in to an all new level. In a position to functioning at the Xbox 360 in addition to a PC with an OS of Windows XP, this controller guarantees exceptional ride. The extremely relaxed have compatibility of the Xbox 360 controller for your hand makes never-ending gaming a actually pleasurable revel in. It’s compact enough so that you can take it with you when wanted but sufficiently big that it is composed of the usual controller buttons and directional sticks. Adding to its already long list of features, this tough controller also comes in a position with a vibration serve as that allows you to feel Each aspect of the sport that you’re playing. Four dedicated action buttons, two highly accurate analog sticks and a 8-method directional pad are just one of the crucial features at the controller, more than enough to provoke any gamer. It also is composed of an audio jack built right into the controller so that you could concentrate to the sport you might be playing with out the trouble of troubling others with loud sounds. This controller connects to the system thru a protracted and highly flexible wire topped off with a USB port, giving you an identical revel in any wireless controller would. Its highly stylised design makes it actually considered one of Microsoft’s better gaming accessories, unquestionably keeping in mind the necessities of Each gamer. Long past are the times of the old keyboard games. Each gamer is now going to hope for a Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. And with it is the specialized, simple to make use of and tremendously relaxed gaming revel in, no person will be capable of steer clear of it for too long.Sold By Dealingames….
Xbox 360 Stressed Controller For Windows [Xbox 360] Sold By Dealingames
Play in comfort – A compact, ergonomic shape permits you to play comfortably for hours in your PC.
PC gaming at its absolute best – Precise thumb sticks, two pressure-point triggers and an 8-method directional pad will let you stay in regulate

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