Nova NKT 2725 Electric Kettle

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Price: INR 1250
This electric multi function pasta maker or noodle maker kettle boils pertaining to your need and is considered to be the best option for boiling water. With the thermostat option you can increase or decrease your heat level, and can prepare any food, pasta or any favourite dish of your choice. You can boil the exact quantity of water as per your requirement using the one cup indicator feature. Owning this electric kettle also helps contribute to a better environment as you can save 66 percent energy by boiling the required quantity of water. The capacity of electric kettle is one litre. You can operate this appliance in the cordless mode. The power supply to this appliance ranges between 220-240v. This has a power consumption of 600w. This kettle has a stylish body made of stainless steel, with all properties of boiling, energy savings, safety and easy maintenance. The cordless 360 degree pirouette base of this appliance ensures easy lifting and placing. A red light is included in the on or off switch of this appliance which gives the indication of the kettle being in function. The kettle comes with a hinged lid to enable easy filling and cleaning. This Nova appliance also features spout to enable easy pouring and avoid messiness. Electric kettle also features the cord winder facility to help you wind the 0.75 m long cord for easy storage. Safety and convenience has the main function of this kettle is to boil water at a faster pace. The heating element of this appliance is made up of stainless steel and is concealed to ensure fast boiling and easy cleaning of the kettle. This kettle also features an anti-calc filter to provide you a clean cup of water and also keep the kettle clean. It also features a four-way safety system against short circuit to offer you maximum safety. The lid of this appliance is cool touch and is safe to be touched immediately after the kettle stops functioning. This kettle comes with double dry boil and automatic shut-off feature to protect the kettle from dry burning and switch it off if it has less or no water. Non-slip feet and an ergonomic grip are added advantages that come with Nova.
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