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Idee Multicolour Wayfarer sun glass –

Shopclues brings best deal presenting Optical Express Sunglasses Merging Style With Attitude Is The Fashion Mantra Idee Sunglasses Believe In. Young, Flamboyant And Glamorous. Idee expertise in large scale image search and recognition as well as a decade of research and development in image and video search are the foundation of our engineered enterprise solutions.

Idee image recognition APIs are robust and designed to easily be integrated in our clients’ environments – at enterprise scale. Our clients integrate our image recognition and mobile search solutions to solve their business and image search challenges. Our technology can be integrated with our client’s existing technology infrastructure, without disruption.

Shopclue brings best deal

Shopclues brings best deal on Idee Multicolor 1946-c3 Wayfarer sunglass OE-1116

Idee Multicolor 1946-c3 Wayfarer sunglass  –

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Idee started Idée with the goal of making images searchable visually.

Idee technology is proven and scalable. We deliver fast and robust solutions for image collections ranging from a handful to multi-billion images.

Idee have tailored our technology to solve some of the most challenging image search and recognition problems for start-ups to the world’s largest firms. We understand both the strengths and limitations of automated image search and can easily determine your project’s feasibility and the requirements to implement it. So get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Idée is a proudly independent, privately held company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Using image search and recognition, we work with some of the world’s largest firms to:

  • A multi-billion image collection in seconds Search through millions of products using a photograph taken with a mobile phone
  • Images using color with what we believe to likely be the best color search engine in the world
  • Connect your product images to data via mobile phones
  • Implement large-scale image de-duplication and comparison solutions
  • Track usage of ten’s of millions of images in thousands of publications worldwide with incredible accuracy delivering the world’s only print image tracking service

Idée’s image recognition technologies are used by leading software and services firms worldwide including: Adobe Systems, eBay, iStockphoto, Splash News, Associated Press, Agence France Presse, Kayak, SecondStory.

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