Casio G303 G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch – For Men

08/08/2016 All Departments

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Known for making the ultimate beater watches, Japanese watchmaker Casio has added a whole new collection to their most famous and reliable G shock series. This battery powered Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch for men retains all the durability and shock resistance of its predecessors and beautifully combines an analog and a digital watch on the same watch face. Entirely utilitarian in nature this watch does not compromise on style and can be worn with any of your sports or casual wear. Be it digging up your garden or going for a trek in the hills, this beauty would be the ultimate companion you would want fastened to your wrist. Body and Design This G-shock has a round dial which mixes both traditional hands and two separate LCD dials to provide a seamless combination of analog and digital information delivery. The dial is encased in a resin case whose strength and shock resistance factor is known and appreciated by anyone who has ever seen or heard of this famous series of watches built by Casio. The strap that holds this watch case to your hand is also entirely made of resin which is long lasting and easy to clean. The watch has 4 buttons two on either side to help you toggle between the numerous functions that this watch is capable of. The analog-digital watch has two display hands that denote the hour and minute of the day, the watch face is covered by a mineral glass which has higher scratch and impact resistance and better optical clarity than normal glass used on watches. If these many features were not enough to convince you of the toughness of this watch, it also happens to be magnetic resistant. If you are looking at owning a G-shock, you must really like bulky watches, this particular model with a height of 55 mm, width of 51.2 mm and a thickness of 19.9 mm, weighing in at 72 g is only reasonably light among the army of impressive G shocks that Casio is introducing into the market Functions and Other Features As with all of Casio’s G-shock watches, this analog-digital watch comes fully laden with features and functionalities which will bring a smile to any watch lover’s face. It has day and date display along with a calendar function. One feature that makes this watch unique is the 1/1000-second stopwatch that lets you measure the speed of an object where the distance travelled can be determined. It also has a countdown timer for the active sportsman in you, an hourly time signal and world time in case you switch time zones frequently. When it comes to reminders, this watch has 5 different alarm settings along with a snooze function just to give you that extra five minutes of sleep you need after a long night out. It is also capable of displaying time in the 12/24 hour format. This G-shock is also fitted with an Amber LED light which makes the watch face glow enabling you to view the time in the dark or during an early morning trek through the fog when the visibility is really low. You can practically keep this watch on your wrist at all times, it is water resistant up to 200 m which makes it an ideal partner for water sports or even scuba diving. It is also a watch that you never have to worry about getting scratched or torn off your hand by a door handle, as it is designed to stand the test of time and whatever you can throw at it. If you are specifically looking for the best digital watch in terms of technology coupled with great looks and extreme shock protection, this certainly is the watch for you.

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