Amway SA8™ Gelzyme with Natural Softener -1 litre Liquid Detergent

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (if available): It is India’s only 3 in 1 laundry care system, that pre-treats, cleans & softens clothes in one go.• Dual action surfactant system is very effective on soils like collar & cuff stains.• Powerful enzymes help remove tough food & protein stains.• Pre-treatment gel technology-provides extra power to fight tough stains.• Ideal for pre-treating , pre soaking, cleaning & softening- all at one go.• Fluorescent whitening agent designed for longer lasting whitening results.• Your whites will be whiter, your colors brighter; it even prevents darks from fading.• Ensures colours stay bright, blacks fade less.• Gentle enough for most washable fabrics even diapers & baby clothes.• Economical—1 Lt pack gives upto 100 washes for a small size washing machine.• Dermatologically tested to minimize the risk of allergic reaction or irritation from hand washing or from clothes washed in the product.• Fully soluble formula that rinses easily.• Specially formulated to be safe for both hand & machine washing.• Low foaming formula. • Contains no phosphates, chlorine, EDTA or NTA Benefits​• This liquid is powerful and effective on a broad range of fabrics in and across a wide range temperatures. Clothes come out clean, every time.• Ideal for pre-treating , pre soaking, cleaning & softening- all at one go.• Leaves clothing feeling soft and fresh-scented with no harmful residues that can irritate skin.• Safe for all washable fabrics including diapers & baby clothes.• Gets whites whiter, colors brighter and prevents darks from fading.• Leaves no residue or film, which ensures greater color stability.• Low foaming formula—saves water time & energy while rinsing.• Because it is dermatologist tested and biodegradable there is no need to worry about the effect on the environment and your family’s health.• Safe for families, the environment, and septic systems• Economical—1 Lt pack gives upto 100 washes for a small size washing machine. Advisories​First, test on inconspicuous area to determine color fastness.1 capful = 20 ml AMOUNT• Large machines (45-70 litres) 20 ml• Medium machines (30-45 litres) 15 ml• Small machines (20-30 litres) 10 ml• Hand washing 10 ml per 10 litres of waterFor heavily soiled clothes, very hard water or used water; use an additional 10 ml. Pretreating: Pretreatment Gel is prepared by mixing 3 parts of SA8 Gelzyme with 1 part of water. Pretreat stain with Pretreatment Gel & wash within 7 days. Restrictions​Should not be used on Silk, woollen or other delicate fabricsMore Information​A) Bioquest Formula™. These unique formulas contain active ingredients derived from natural sources including coconuts, citrus and minerals.Only Amway Home products that qualify will have the Bioquest Formula logo on the front label. It signifies 1) This Bioquest Formula product delivers powerful cleaning performance and is concentrated, biodegradable and dermatologist tested.2) Bioquest Formula products deliver powerful cleaning performance and are environmentally sensitive.B) Amway is working with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a partnership that will allow Amway Home products to display their Design for the Environment (DfE) logo on the package.a)This DfE logo signifies that the formula for this product contains ingredients with more positive health and environmental characteristics than conventional cleaners.b)The DfE has created this logo to allow customers to quickly identify and choose products that are designed using safer chemistry.c)People using DfE-labeled products are protecting their families and helping to protect the environment.d)DfE only allows use of its label on products that meet high standards for performance.e)A DfE partnership is granted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which is an agency of the federal government of the United States charged with protecting human health and the environment.C) Amway has met all the entrance requirements and been recommended for recognition in the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (AISE) Charter for Sustainable Cleaning.1. As a participant in the Charter, Amway voluntarily commits to follow industry initiatives for continual improvement in sustainability.2. Each phase of a product life cycle — raw material selection, chemical safety and advice to consumers on how best to safely use the products — is assessed, reviewed and externally verified.3. The goal is continual improvement in sustainability for the cleaning industry.4. Amway has invested heavily in research and development to ensure that our Amway Home products are as green as possible while maintaining high cleaning performance.Product Demo:Step 1: Take 2 jars filled with water. Pour 1 tsp of leading detergent powder in the jar & 1 tsp of SA 8 Gelzyme with NS in the other.Step 2: Shake the 2 jars well(approx. 20 times). Hold up the jars & see the difference. The jar which has competitive product, the detergent remains undissolved & there is high suds formation. On the other hand, in the other jar SA 8 Liquid gets properly dissolved with less suds being left.Conclusion: The powdery residue at the bottom of the jar with the leading brand of market detergent, is what remains trapped between the fibres of your clothes washed in it, causing irritation over a period of time.The extra foam which is visible in the jar with the leading brand is difficult to rinse off, hence consumes more water.



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