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Alchemist, featuring a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago, is a simple fable that seeks to inspire readers to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams. Summary Of The Book Alchemist is a simple, yet powerful story about an Andalusian boy named Santiago. Santiago is a shepherd whose days are more or less spent tending to his sheep. He has a recurring dream in which a treasure awaits him at the Pyramids of Egypt. Believing the dream to be some kind of prophecy, Santiago approaches a gypsy in a neighboring town to ask for advice. The gypsy confirms that indeed such a treasure awaits him at the Pyramids. From then on, Santiago begins his journey in search of the treasure, unaware of the experiences that lie ahead of him. At the start of his journey he meets an old man who claims to be a king. He tells Santiago to constantly look out for omens and learn to read them as signs from the universe. Santiago’s quest takes him from his homeland Spain to the markets of Tangiers to the unforgiving sands of the Egyptian desert. He encounters a variety of characters that teach him lessons of faith, danger, disaster, opportunity, and love. He also meets an alchemist just as he was destined to, and learns a lot from him. The alchemist’s teachings initially create self-doubt in Santiago, but later they succeed in filling him with faith in himself, strengthening his determination to reach the pyramids to seek the treasure. Alchemist was published in 1988 in Portuguese. It went on to become an international bestseller, albeit at a slow pace. It has received highly positive reviews the world over. The book has sold over 65 million copies and as of 2011, it has been translated to 71 languages. This particular edition is a Hindi translation. It was published in 2003 by Manjul Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. About Paulo Coelho Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist and songwriter. His books include The Alchemist, Love Letters From A Prophet, Aleph, The Witch Of Portobello, The Zahir, Brida, The Winner Stands Alone, The Pilgrimage, Eleven Minutes, and The Valkyries. His writing is mostly fictional, but it draws heavily from his life experiences. His books have been translated to over 71 languages. They have sold over a 100 million copies in more than 150 countries. He writes in Portuguese. Coelho was born on August 24, 1947, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He had a turbulent youth that included an intermittent stay in a mental institution, a year studying law, a hippie lifestyle, and experiments with drugs. He then worked as a lyricist, but his lyrics got him arrested as they were considered left-wing by the ruling military government. His 500-mile plus journey along the Road of Santiago de Compostela (Northwestern Spain) on foot turned his life around. He had a spiritual awakening, which prompted him to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. Coelho is involved in various humanitarian activities. He is on the boards of several organizations like the Shimon Peres Center for Peace, the Doha center of Media Freedom, and the Brazilian Academy of Letters. He has also earned several honors including the French Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur. Coelho is married to Christina Oiticica. The two of them spend their time in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) or in Europe.

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